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Cynical fathom  about are world. 
I am blogger who owe her sarcasms. Who live in reality but her mind live to vagaries. I attempt to be not than to be. I rule my own world. A prolonging person and kind an apathy person if I am mad or giving up towards something. I allegiance all of my work and myself. 
My diversions 

  • I love to post my own scrutiny of life 
  • I love food trips 
  • I love to hearkening music 
  • I am optimistic and persistent 
  • And etc. you’ll know me if you read my posts in this website 

Enjoy guessing and figured out who I am and my revered things… 

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“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” 

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Enable to survive any circumstances is to have a faith. It will reflect to your daily happenings. 




Did you still remembered my fantage Summerella blog? If yes, we currently updating the blog soon. There is a minor problems the we need to fix soon.

A great distance.  A hot destination, near from equator. Tons of pretty stones and twigs around the place.
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Internal of reading. Reading in such early morning, very candid.

Book Title: the girl who heard dragons 

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Just to say hi… 

When u are state of wanting to read something …. 

Today I am gonna reaching out to all people here.   I am to lazy to post something to  my own blog.
If u have something to ask about. Feel free to ask..
I was in the library then I grabbed those descent books that I preferred.

Saying Hi!

Oh, Hi! I guess? I think, the word “we will back shortly!” Isn’t enough. I wasn’t been so updated in blogging community. Because of I am preparing for this school year, this June. I hoped you’ll understand my fellow bloggers. Henceforth was I am going to be not be updated for next month. I should get eradicate of my laziness side and do some works. Lol. I am still seeking some potter pins in the Pinterest. Lol. And quotations.


We will be back shortly


I am gonna be off for awhile. We will be back shortly soon. I need to study!! So I’ll be shorten this post cause. I don’t wannabe jinx. Jk. But seriously, I need to study 📖


Study thoughts

I am going to study today or tomorrow. Cause few weeks from now is the opening of my new school chapter. And I need to kick my ass and I’ll be the woman, I want. 


Nancy Drew and Fantastic Beast 

One of my favorite movies was the  movie Nancy Drew. Even tho, how many times I watched it. I never gets bored because of the absolute perfect themes and cast . That was portrayed by Emma Roberts and some other cast whose done it perfectly. I am totally related in this movie. Cause I loved old fashioned things and solving mystery. By the way, I currently watched it (May 9, 2017) I liked Harry Potter too. Because of the Old fashion things and Mystery and it’s a family oriented show. With a Fantasy with a platonic friendship. If Harry Potter was real. I wished to be one of his schoolmate. If I choose a Hogwarts House. I hope I was in Gryffindor or in Ravecnclaw. Now, my current fave movie was Fantastic Beast. I hope they launched the Part 2. It’ll be fantastic, I think, the point why I am dying to see the Part 2. It’s because I wanted to know what the real story about the Wizard World. Cause it doesn’t really explained in Harry Potter. Their was a tons of questions that needed to be answered. There’s  a things that needed to be explained. There’s a thing that need to be recognize. 

I’ll cross my hand. Then I hoped that it’ll be launch as soon as possible.