Current apprehending  #2

Current thoughts: Date: April 25,2017// 

  • Reading: I don’t read books yesterday and today (as current) but I am planning to read those books. I’ve download today on IBooks 
  • Blogging: just posting those cognition inside my uncertain minds.
  • Eating/Drinking: I’ve just drink some sprite and ate some biscuits. 
  • Goals: I am gonna study tomorrow?? 
  • School thoughts: How hard it might be? You know the lesson. hmm.. idk, i dont wanna think. 
  • Miss things? I miss those tons of request 
  • People: I miss talking to sci-scholar. They were so cool and dinkum. And nerdy. 
  • Song: I want some pop music. I am kind a sleepy. 
  • Annoyed stuff: people that were so nescience. Idk, why?? 
  • Practicing: Drawing? 
  • Playing: Tetris battle!! 



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