Acquiesce enthusiasm 


  • Writing: writing is one of my beloved avocation. For me, Writting is one of the essential of life. To flourish your wide ideas in to something. Ex: You are coy to say your own thoughts, story,summary or etc. you can write it down.
  • Drawing: I can’t say that this is one of my fave hobbies. But believe me it’s one of my boredom slayer. The thoughts of my drawing is still akin to writing
  • Reading: Reading is one of my beloved avocation too. Here’s in reading I can grasp something. Like you can find out some neologism words or words that you are not familiarize. I read tons of books and articles.
  • Ogling the  environment:  I kind a admit to myself that I am observant. I observe how people act and life progress. I love observing
  • Books: I have to only say one word this time. I love books! 
  • Blogging: my devotion for blogging is endless. I love sharing thoughts to you guys.
  • Eating: i love food
  • Pet caring: my infatuation or lust to my pet was endless like blogging. Me afflict to dogs. I love caring them and bring them.


  • Giblets: OMG! They are just gross. But I loved the chicken feet.  Only the feet.
  •  Insects: Just keep them away to me
  • Wrapping: when it’s Christmas then you’ll wrap presents to your friends and family. I hate wrapping them cause I get confused.

That’s some facts. Do you figure me out? If not visit this blog as often as you can. 


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