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When u were hanging down and ur tired to this freaking drowning life. As I observed, my life was sinking. I can’t understand my emotions. My narrative was,,,, idk. I’m apparently confused. I wanted to know what’s happening to me. Is there something, needed to give up or fill in. They were places were feel like am dragging. Snitch on my life. No, I need to provoke this. I need to find the answer. I hope the answer will convey as soon as possible.


The Unexpected Events -by Melody (Tag/lish) ep: 1

This is an unexpected weekend with my friends. I am not hunter or a social claimed. It’s just I want to explore through the fullest. As we don’t have classes because of the new event. Occurred. I’ve shutter my mouth. Cause I feel tired and loneliness. As my friend ask if you know someone from Science Technology Engineering in Grade 9 nor Grade 10. I’ve said. I don’t know any of those people they were talking about. As I am a sophomore. I couldn’t know anyone from seniors. On my first time. I’ve sawn a guy from Kepler. He’s from 3rd section. I don’t know his name but his friends he accompanied by when we cross each other was named bonooc. As we proceed. I went to STE jr. at first it’s intimidating cause u don’t know who those people around are. I’ve find out popular people by their potentials. As we walked down through, we went to science department as we asked Mam. Caldoza. After we asked her some questions. She gave a paper to my friend who named Ronald. And ask a favor. If you can asked Mr. Marasigan. In filling the papers.

As we occured. We wait until the sec Es. Is done in their calculus. He ask “Kuya” and done. Chin was amazed to him. And Kurt made an scandalous scene. Done…..


Thoughts are all real happen in real events




Did you still remembered my fantage Summerella blog? If yes, we currently updating the blog soon. There is a minor problems the we need to fix soon.

A great distance.  A hot destination, near from equator. Tons of pretty stones and twigs around the place.
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Internal of reading. Reading in such early morning, very candid.

Book Title: the girl who heard dragons 

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Just to say hi… 

When u are state of wanting to read something …. 

Today I am gonna reaching out to all people here.   I am to lazy to post something to  my own blog.
If u have something to ask about. Feel free to ask..
I was in the library then I grabbed those descent books that I preferred.