Leave a message 

  • Do you have any concern? If you have your own thoughts and concern in this blog just leave us your directive, below this page.
  • If you want to leave a memo about us. Leave a message
  • If you want ask some frequent questions, we will answer it. It depends when the time that we are online in this blog. We can answer your questions
  • Ask some personal questions? We will frequently pick (some only questions) if it’s too personal we will not comment or etc.




 Authority Blog Rules


  1. No swearing
  2. No Advertising
  3. No Miscellaneous act towards to others
  4. No harass
  5. Be good to others and respect their memo
  6.  replying and  ping back is prohibited (in posts and pages) 
  7. Only the authors can reply the all the questions and feedbacks  below the page.( All pages and posts)
  8.  No creating stories
  9. No plagiarism
  10. Don’t hook to strangers advertisements  ( if theirs an advertising happen. We will immediately delete the comment)
  11. No saying bad words ( it’s immediately ban)

All of the Rules was only for cautionary tale. We want are Visitors will be safe and be aware what will you composed in the message box, below.

  • If you want to epistle your letter  to me, just email. ragasamelody@icloud.com
    (When you email us in letter excerpt. We will try to reply a scripted letter too.  Via my own words and nothing else)


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