Quotes #3

“I’m a very private person. You don’t ask, I don’t tell.”

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Errand and Dreams (traits #1) 

We live with a tons of goal in life and  don’t know what’s are forthcoming. Even me , I don’t know what’s my imminent. But, I want my life to be exquisite. (Even tho we are imperfect we should do something that makes are life better) 

So, I am gonna start the word choices. Choices is one of the part of our life. It’s making an anecdote and will tell the future. All of are choices we made persuade are personality. It’s the one who pioneer are lives. Second is the Personality. In doing an errand. Theirs the word personality.  With the distinction or choices. Along, personality can conclude the future. If your personality is tenacious and optimist. You could be successful entrepreneur or even a good painter or etc. Confident, one of the personal traits to become a good people and etc. and you want your dreams come true. You should do an action. And the one of the traits is to be confident. You should be confident in doing something. Don’t be shy instead you should sleigh. Study,  if you want your dream come true. You should study hard. In studying, you’ll be distinguished in some lecture. And you could be an expert in something. Now you can start making your dreams come true by follow this tips and I know your life will be better. 

This is the part #1 of Errand and Dreams 

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Quotes #2

” I should make that joke “I haven’t gotten laid all year” after midnight on New Year’s! Oh hold on… I don’t actually have to wait until after midnight

Current thoughts 

I supposed to summarize this post cause I am kind a lackadaisical. Or I am just tired to post my current thoughts. So here’s it. 

Date:// April 20,2017//  Current thoughts and Current contrived things

  • Reading

My Current reading thoughts. I was reading some other blogs and website articles. One blog, I pursuit. Clasp me and I profound it’s sterling my heart and my head. It was great site and I am still reading their posted articles in their blog. 

  • Thinking

I am thinking about what will happen to me this 8th grade. I am kind a agitated and I don’t want to expect. If you expect something. You’ll struggle and you want to substantiate yourself and you brag that you know that and it’s your term. But no, you should not expect and say I know that. (Cause it’s kind a arrogant) You should expunge your expectations and do something new and create new things to show and you’ll know something. I’ll be less thinking about my grades and expectations. I’ll be think  about the current and not the future. 

  • Future plans 

I am going to buy a school supplies. Cause I am planning to do my school bucket list. To refine me. I am gonna study whole month of May. And I’ll write some school list. 

  • Wishing 

I have tons of inclination to my life. But I am gonna pick three wishes towards. I am not gonna tell it. I’ll shut or zip my mouth cause I believe wishes won’t came true if you tell someone.

  • Needing 

I need pens. 

  • Summer plans 

Loosing weight 

  • Hoping 

I hope my plans and wish will work. I’ll pray for this. 
Q: What is your current thoughts? 

Featured post 

Cynical fathom  about are world. 
I am blogger who owe her sarcasms. Who live in reality but her mind live to vagaries. I attempt to be not than to be. I rule my own world. A prolonging person and kind an apathy person if I am mad or giving up towards something. I allegiance all of my work and myself. 
My diversions 

  • I love to post my own scrutiny of life 
  • I love food trips 
  • I love to hearkening music 
  • I am optimistic and persistent 
  • And etc. you’ll know me if you read my posts in this website 

Enjoy guessing and figured out who I am and my revered things… 

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“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” 

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