Kaichou wa Maid sama 

Just re-read it .

(I’ve just love this manga)/




Internal of reading. Reading in such early morning, very candid.

Book Title: the girl who heard dragons 

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Cred: me


Just to say hi… 

When u are state of wanting to read something …. 

Today I am gonna reaching out to all people here.   I am to lazy to post something to  my own blog.
If u have something to ask about. Feel free to ask..
I was in the library then I grabbed those descent books that I preferred.

Saying Hi!

Oh, Hi! I guess? I think, the word “we will back shortly!” Isn’t enough. I wasn’t been so updated in blogging community. Because of I am preparing for this school year, this June. I hoped you’ll understand my fellow bloggers. Henceforth was I am going to be not be updated for next month. I should get eradicate of my laziness side and do some works. Lol. I am still seeking some potter pins in the Pinterest. Lol. And quotations.


Nancy Drew and Fantastic Beast 

One of my favorite movies was the  movie Nancy Drew. Even tho, how many times I watched it. I never gets bored because of the absolute perfect themes and cast . That was portrayed by Emma Roberts and some other cast whose done it perfectly. I am totally related in this movie. Cause I loved old fashioned things and solving mystery. By the way, I currently watched it (May 9, 2017) I liked Harry Potter too. Because of the Old fashion things and Mystery and it’s a family oriented show. With a Fantasy with a platonic friendship. If Harry Potter was real. I wished to be one of his schoolmate. If I choose a Hogwarts House. I hope I was in Gryffindor or in Ravecnclaw. Now, my current fave movie was Fantastic Beast. I hope they launched the Part 2. It’ll be fantastic, I think, the point why I am dying to see the Part 2. It’s because I wanted to know what the real story about the Wizard World. Cause it doesn’t really explained in Harry Potter. Their was a tons of questions that needed to be answered. There’s  a things that needed to be explained. There’s a thing that need to be recognize. 

I’ll cross my hand. Then I hoped that it’ll be launch as soon as possible.