Who’s beyond the bramble? 

“Did you figure out who I am, if not I dare you to figure me out” 

~~Melody ~~

Umm.. I don’t know where to start telling gospel about me. Am a person whose kind a sarcastic but I am rad person. I see my personality as optimistic and dexterous. I find it very hard but I am a person who’s unique and positive with a pinch of adverse demeanor without sounding arrogant. I live to affectionate clan. Am kind a draconian and capricious. But the best word describe my personality is the word Capricious. I often change my mood and expressions and relationships toward to others. I am kind a adroit in doing calligraphy and creating blogs.


Name: Melody


Birthplace: Butuan City, Philippines

Nationality: Half Japanese, Filipino and 1/8 of Spanish blood and 1/8 of Chinese blood

Height: 165 cm( as measurement since 2017)

Blood type: O

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Social medias: In the page find me,,,,

Tumblr: immello.tumblr.com
If you want to know better and figure me out. Read my post and visit as often as you can.


Any feedback?

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